August 2022 Update

August 2022 Update

September 01, 2022

New Acquisition: Camelback Collective

HREIF has acquired Camelback Collective, a multi-tenant office property located in the bustling Camelback Corridor is stabilized with six tenants and is nearly fully leased at 95.1% occupancy. Along Camelback Road, there are multiple retail, dining, and hospitality options within walking distance of the property. Notably, the Camelback Collective is only two blocks away from Esplanade and Biltmore Fashion Park, two large mixed-use properties rich with amenities. At around 115,000 square feet, this office, built in 2018, is exactly the kind of post-pandemic office property Humphreys Capital is looking for.

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Fostering Relationships By Aligning Values

"Here at Humphreys Capital we prioritize fostering relationships by aligning values. When we're speaking with investors and development partners we ensure that what they prioritize is what we prioritize. It is when we have this alignment of values that we actually start to build momentum, everyone's pulling on the same end of the rope working towards the same set of goals. This momentum allows us to generate returns that are not just financial, but also returns that impact the community where the projects are located."

- Creed Hendrickson | Associate, Investor Relations

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Have you considered real estate as a fixed-income substitute in your portfolio?

Historically, real estate values have shown relatively low correlation with falling bond prices. Additionally, its rent turnover and growth characteristics could act as a potential hedge against inflation. HREIF has the potential to offer low correlation to the bond market and provide stable income.

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