What Makes Humphreys Capital Unique

What Makes Humphreys Capital Unique

February 14, 2020

Humphreys Capital is an Oklahoma based real estate private equity firm. Our relationship-based approach sets us apart from our competitors. We manage an income-focused fund that has a portfolio of commercial real estate diversified across high growth cities in the southern U.S., including assets in the industrial, multifamily, office and retail sectors.

Our management team has extensive investment expertise, strong industry relationships, and the proven ability to source compelling opportunities. Humphreys Capital has a track record of delivering consistent distributions and capital appreciation, resulting in favorable returns for our investors. We achieve this by building lasting relationships but don’t rest on reputation alone. We prove ourselves through strong, consistent performance that comes from a smart, disciplined investment strategy and focus.

We understand the defining characteristics that create opportunity across multiple investment strategies and manage the portfolio to provide diversified real estate exposure to our investors. We are responsive and nimble, working to communicate our performance clearly and transparently to investors. Our consistent accessibility deepens our relationships year after year.

Talented Acquisitions and Investing Team

The investments and acquisitions team at Humphreys Capital has experience and relationships in each of our target markets and sectors. We are an accountable, accessible, on-the-ground team, who adds value through seasoned expertise and portfolio allocation.

Benefit from Diversification

Our portfolio provides diversified real estate exposure to our investors. At our core, Humphreys Capital employs institutional quality due diligence as well as a collaborative entrepreneurial approach in designing and targeting portfolio investments that create value for our investors.